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Newborn shoots

are always done in the comfort of your home; in your living room, bedroom, living room- where ever I can find a bit of natural light. Leave the packages and laundry there and I can shoot around them;) No apt is ever too small, I need only a small space and a bit of light to create my pictures. I tend to lean more toward ‘natural’ shots- sleepless or sleeping babas are as perfect as each other. I love authenticity, to just capture you guys doing your thang but will asked for some portraits of you all looking at the camera intermittently. We will focus mainly on your little one(s) for the first half of our shoot, you can wrap them in as many swaddles as you wish or choose from a few that I take with me, a white onesie is always pure perfection too. I will shoot lots of close ups of your little bundle then ask you guys to hold him or her for some hands/toes/feet/finger shots. If you have a window by a bed or sofa that works great! Pets and sentimental items are always welcome too. The second half of the shoot is usually a blend of posed and candids of the whole family- I just adore having Grandparents in my shoots, and of course your first born fur babies;) If you are close to a park or pretty street, even a back yard- we can venture outdoors for a few last shots. Feel free to send me ideas of what you envision.

$695- 1-1.5 hours of shooting+2 online galleries. 70+ post processed, downloadable images.

Maternity shoots

are most often done outdoors..the woods, the beach, the lake, anywhere we can use the light to create beautiful silhouettes and raw images. Sutro baths and Landsend are always winners for a maternity shoot. Toddlers and pups are always welcome. Any size belly is perfect- maybe 30 + weeks but that is totally up to you.

 $450- 30-45 minutes+ 2 online galleries.  40-50 post processed, downloadable images.

Family Shoots

   For my full Family shoots we spend up an hour together, sometimes more. We usually meet at a location around the city- Golden Gate Park, Palace of Fine Arts, Baker Beach- the list is endless in this beautiful city  (if you have a special location in mind then I am more than happy to explore it). For a hybrid type shoot, just ask- we can shoot in your home first then take a wander. This past season I did a lot of shoots in and around peoples own neighborhoods,  it was so fun and exciting to wander the streets of West Portal, The Mission, Noe Valley and stop when we found a cute or fun backdrop-someone once suggested I call it  a "walking urban shoot" - we are not fixed to one location and you will have memories from where you call home.

$595 - 1 hour +2 online galleries. 2 Locations (5+ people $650)  60-70 post processed, downloadable images (+$50 travel fee outside San Francisco) 

Mini Sessions

  My mini sessions take place for a few weeks throughout the seasons.  The  'mini' session consists of roughly 20-30 minutes of shooting- also keeping in mind that time is set aside for food, fun and a meltdown if needs be;)  Typically , I offer 30-40 post processed images with this package roughly 2 weeks after our shoot. There are no additional costs for the galleries, all packages are inclusive of 2 online galleries, one of which is downloadable.

These sessions are not for newborns.

  $350 - 20-30 minutes + 2 online galleries (5+ people $400) (Pets always welcome, no additional cost) (+$50 travel fee outside San Francisco)

Mini Newborn (NEW)   

45 minute newborn sessions focusing mostly on your little one.

$550- 45 minutes +2 online galleries. 30-40 post processed, downloadable images (+$50 travel fee outside San Francisco)

What to expect :

  • I like to allow plenty of time for meltdowns, snacks and poking in the dirt, some of my favorite images are of tiny people climbing trees or having found a flower and handing it to Mom. ❤️ All of my shoots are easy going and casual- I love candid but ask for a few posed in between. Please please take your pups with you if you are lucky enough to have one in your possession;) If something comes up last minute, please let me know as soon as possible and I will do my best to reschedule.

  • For shoots with 6 or more people there will be an additional $100 added to account for all the post processing of our additional gorgeous images. $50 fee for travel outside San Francisco.

  • Shoot me an email with your request or feel free to call or text for a (possibly) faster response :) 415 724 0519

  • Wear whatever is comfortable, I love the denim and white/grey/beige/cream look. Less patterns seem to work best, white or bright, bold colors on your little ones is always super pretty. If you are wondering what happens at one of our shoots then just picture a fun, chatty walk through the forest or streets and many, many stops along the way when I see a pretty back drop;)

  • If you have 30 minutes free before our shoot then treat yourself to a manicure- I adore closeups with your hands and your little ones hands, especially with a newborn shoot and have had so many Mamas saying they wished they had thought of it:) No big deal if not!, natural is always perfection

  • The images that we spend time creating are all yours to own, I may use one here and there for marketing purposes or to show off my work on my social media platform.

  • Turn around time for images is usually about 2 weeks but with my little baba in my life, it may take up to 3- I will always add in some additional images to say thank you for your patience.

  • I have many favorite locations in the city to choose from for our shoot but I am always open to exploring new spots so feel free to let me know if you have a special place in mind.

  • I really value your time, I tend to chat away a lot but will most always be shooting at the same time- feel free to ignore me ;) I promise you won’t feel awkward and if you do just let me know and we can move on from the location or position and regroup.

                                                                           Katie xxx



"Katie, thank you so much! These pictures are even sweeter and more beautiful than I could have imagined!! You captured our family so perfectly, I cannot tell you how happy we are! We loved our experience working with you and cannot wait to do it again when Hannah is a little older!"

                                                                                                                    J + D


" Katie, Thank you so much for the amazing photos - they are stunning , I don’t know how you got all 5 looking and smiling at the same time! The pics of the kids are just priceless -and you managed to capture Owen's real/inner smile (which is very hard to do - he is very camera awkward). 

Thanks again - you have a real talent and an eye for amazing backgrounds and placement.

Grá Mór, "



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"Katie is absolutely the best! She made our shoot so much fun and was so patient with our 1 year old. She has such a creative eye and great suggestions for locations. Logistically, she was very easy to work with- fast at responding and was even flexible on the day of the shoot to accommodate the unpredictable weather/fog. The final pictures were absolutely beautiful! Could not have asked for a better experience; thanks again Katie!"

                                                                           Alyssa J

“Hi Katie,

The pictures are gorgeous! We're excited to share the with our family and friends. Thank you so much for capturing this wonderful moment in our lives. We love thats your shots are so candid and tender, and also appreciate the huge selection of costumes we could borrow from. I absolutely adored the mermaid tail on her. 
We will definitely be in touch as we hit more milestones  

Thanks again,”

K, N + A

My latest InstaGram Beauties and such

  "Katie is amazing to work with and I'm thrilled with her work. I will cherish the gorgeous photos of my 2 little boys forever and I can't wait to book her again for another family shoot. She quickly and calmly captured stunning images even though my 2 week old was crying and 2 year old was acting like a 2 year old!! She is truly gifted. I'm new to SF and THRILLED that I have found my new go-to photographer. "

                                                                                               Kate + Mike